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Reviews of books from a list generated by interest, whim, and chance—and by what's available at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Book Reviews

written by MMQ for Gertrude Press

A queer writer reviews queer writers.

Gertrude Press is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1998 by writer Eric Delehoy. Gertrude now holds the distinction of being the longest consecutively published queer journal.

Publishers Weekly

Non-bylined reviews of books concerning sexual orientation studies, LGBTQ memoirs, gay history, and gardening.

Publishers Weekly (known as PW in the book world) is a weekly magazine focused on the book publishing business and its audience of publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, and authors.

Author interviews

Issue No.10, 2014, Published Work of Nonfiction: “Bedridden”

Where do feelings comes from? Why do they have such a hold over us? The more “fixed” a memory is, the more I suspect it’s acting like a lid on a jar, protecting something vulnerable underneath we’re afraid will spoil if exposed to air—to scrutiny.

My hope is that by revealing myself, the work can become a mirror for individual self-discovery—that people will uncover unknown truths about themselves.


"I have lived in only a few different places, but I’ve always slept in the same bed. It’s a twin..."

Unpublished personal essays. Available upon request.


Blue Illusion

"When he wakes, he's in a bad mood. His lip as stiff as a pinecone. Inside a seed, many seeds, many hopes. But he won't say what they are..."



"I wasn’t his best friend, but we had been friends for over a decade, and we were a couple the year before he died..."

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Last Call

"Everything I did after that was an excuse to get drunk..."

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My Valentine

"Once I was involved with a famous artist. I had liked his work and followed his career. Since it was almost February, I decided to send him a valentine..."

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