Can relationships between people lead us closer to ourselves? In my writing I explore what happens in the spaces where people appear to be coming together, but then miss one another. 


Reiki Practitioner

When I started practicing Reiki in 2016, I had no idea there was so much to discover about integrative health and healing.  


A writer of personal essays and memoir, I have created performance pieces with them, reading the stories aloud and "illustrating" them not with pictures, but with songs. 


Student of Astrology

I’m a lifelong student of astrology. There’s always more to learn—but I may know enough right now to help you.


Here you’ll find my styling portfolio. Examples of my work include on-figure styling, still life styling, and flat lays of men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories. I’m available for freelance!


Book Report

I write new reviews about old books. My reading list is generated by interest, whim, and chance—and by what’s available at the library.

Visual Storyteller

As a creative director and stylist, I've designed displays and merchandising for retailers, styled for photo shoots, and created the décor for weddings, parties, & special events. 


More Me Than Me

Expressing my love of vintage style, my apartments can be seen in Toni Schlesinger’s Five Flights Up and Stan Williams’ The Find.

My creative guru, Michael Quinn...takes creative problem solving to another level!
— Irma Zandl, The Opinionator

MMQ Photo credit: Tim Geaney