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Reviews of books from a list generated by interest, whim, and chance—and by what's available at the Brooklyn Public Library.

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written for The Adroit Journal

The Adroit Journal was founded in November 2010 by poet Peter LaBerge to showcase what its global staff of emerging writers sees as the future of poetry, prose, and art.

Book Reviews

written for Gertrude Press

Founded in 1998 by writer Eric Delehoy, Gertrude now holds the distinction of being the longest consecutively published queer journal.

Michael writes book reviews for Gertrude Press...His writing is always clean, sharp and insightful. He’s always professional and a joy to work with. And he’s got personality to spare to go with his smarts!
— Harker Jones, Writer/Editor at Gertrude Press

Publishers Weekly

Non-bylined reviews of books concerning sexual orientation studies, LGBTQ+ memoirs, gay history, and gardening.

Publishers Weekly (known as PW in the book world) is a weekly magazine focused on the book publishing business and its audience of publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, and authors.

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Reader for The Common

Reviewed 100+ (to date) fiction and nonfiction submissions (up to 10,000 words) in consideration for publication in this biannual literary magazine based at Amherst College, MA, publishing works that embody a particular time and place.

I’ve published audience-drawing personal photo essays in boutique outlets such as Design*Sponge and The Opinionator, and memoirs in literary journals such as Podium.

Issue No.10, 2014, Published Work of Nonfiction: “Bedridden”

Let’s get personal [essays].

Where do feelings comes from? Why do they have such a hold over us? The more “fixed” a memory is, the more I suspect it’s acting like a lid on a jar, protecting something vulnerable underneath we’re afraid will spoil if exposed to air—to scrutiny.

My fascination with personal psychology drives my writing. Can relationships between people lead us closer to ourselves? I’m particularly interested in what happens in the spaces where people appear to be coming together, but then miss one another.

My hope is that by revealing myself, the work can become a mirror for individual self-discovery—that people will uncover unknown truths about themselves.

Published personal essays.

“Bedridden.” Published in Podium Issue No.10 (2014).


"I have lived in only a few different places, but I’ve always slept in the same bed. It’s a twin..."

“Boo.” Forthcoming from Chaleur PressBespoke Bones anthology (2020).



"I wasn’t his best friend, but we had been friends for over a decade, and we were a couple the year before he died..."

Unpublished personal essays. Available upon request.


Blue Illusion

"When he wakes, he's in a bad mood. His lip as stiff as a pinecone. Inside a seed, many seeds, many hopes. But he won't say what they are..."

last call.jpg

Last Call

"Everything I did after that was an excuse to get drunk..."

my valentine.jpg

My Valentine

"Once I was involved with a famous artist. I had liked his work and followed his career. Since it was almost February, I decided to send him a valentine..."

Over the last 6 months, I have been incredibly fortunate to have Michael in my camp, providing guidance as my creative guru. In that role, he has helped me think about my writing and my subject matter expertise as a key aspect of my personal branding.

Michael has helped me to find my authentic voice in my writing and my personal branding. He challenged me to think about my goals and positioning in a more relevant and meaningful way.
— Irma Zandl, writer and founder of "The Opinionator"

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