I am a NYC-based content creator and published writer with 20+ years of experience writing about fashion, culture, and the arts.

I review books and interview authors for Publisher’s Weekly, Gertrude Press, The Adroit Journal, and here on my own website under the title “Book Report.” My personal reading list for the books I’m not assigned is generated by interest, whim, and chance—and by what’s available at the Brooklyn Public Library.


I am a singer.

As a writer of personal essays and memoir, I have created performance pieces with a few of them, reading the stories aloud and “illustrating” them not with pictures, but with songs. Performances include Bedridden, Blue Illusion, Boo, Kiss & Tell, Last Call, and My Valentine.


I am a stylist.

As a stylist, I’ve done on-figure and still life styling for companies such as Giorgio Armani, John Varvatos, Lafayette 148, Swatch, and Swarovski.


I am a visual storyteller.

As a visual storyteller, I’ve designed displays and merchandising for retailers, styled rooms and people for photo shoots, and created the decor for weddings, parties, and special events—most notably for The Warhol.

Expressing my lifelong love of vintage style, my apartments have been featured in the books Five Flights Up and The Find


I am a Reiki practitioner.

I have been practicing Reiki since 2015, studying under Pamela Miles and learning both First and Second Degree practices. To book a session, please contact me here.


I am a student of astrology.

Having studied astrology informally since I was a teenager, I am currently enrolled as a distance-learner at the UK’s Faculty of Astrological Studies. To book a reading, please contact me here.


I am a volunteer.

Since January 2019, I’ve volunteered on the Board of the Flatbush Food Co-Op, a values-driven organization with a transparent business model. Founded in 1976 as a buying club by a small group of community members , it’s grown into a cooperative business that works to serve its neighbors and community by selling only organic produce, focusing on local foods. You aren't just a member here; you are a member-owner. Member-owners participate in the democratic process, overseen by the Board, of running a community-owned business. When the Co-Op does well, we all benefit.

I am here for you.

Painting by    leah tinari

Painting by leah tinari

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